Students showcasing their talent through Career Cracker - A national level talent hunt competition

Synergy School of Business Skills took the initiative to give college students a big chance to exhibit their talents and emerge as "Leaders of Tomorrow".
This competition was a grand success as it did bring out the hidden potentialities of students. It was spectacular too see the winning spirit in every single student. There were four different levels 
Here are some delightful memories of Career Cracker'17.

This year the event is even more GRAND. 
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Quick tour on our onsite seminars and workshops

Synergy School of Business Skills with a vast experience in providing Skill training has been privileged enough to get closely associated with some of the leading corporate and other reputed educational institutions.Our Managers and team of technical trainers have delivered number of workshops and seminars efficaciously. Take a glance of such activities

Workshop on Digital Marketing at Rathinam College for MBA students. The students were given LIVE DEMO in Google Analytics.

Workshop on Digital Marketing at Sri Krishna College of Engineering, MBA Dept. The students were given a hands on training on certain important tools. 

An effective demo on Primavera given to the Civil Department students of Karunya University.

This huge crowd, a mixture of MBA and BBA students from Karpagam College of Arts and Science, is giving a keen attention on the latest updates on Digital Marketing.

An intense seminar on "Effective Digital Marketing tools" at Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technolog…

Paradigm Shift - A unique experience for students of Avinashilingam Institute

Paradigm Shift a distinctive program for those who are gearing up to enter into a mega crucial phase which is "College". This is indeed a huge transition which takes place in the life of every human being. Some children may have enough guidance from family whereas some may be wondering as to what to do next? or may not be sure if their decision is correct or incorrect.
It's is important to educate children on setting goals to achieve success in life. With the goal to assist the first year students of Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science, Coimbatore in preparing them for handling this transition, we organised this program. 

The program's outcome was so positive that the students were "ALL SET" to make the best use of their college life.

Please take a look at the snaps of students enjoying our activities. 

 Time Management Activity- Students are to arrange maximum number of tea cups in any formation within two minutes. This allows students to think about a s…

Get a sight of our Soft Skill Training program @ SHLOK Information Systems India Pvt Ltd

Synergy's soft skill training program commenced at Shlok Information Systems India Pvt Ltd in the month of June 2018. This was a 24 hours program scheduled for one month. The participants underwent an intensive training and the topics covered were :-
1) Assertive Communication2) Business Etiquette3) Presentation Skills
Learning becomes effective if it is clubbed with some interesting activities and that's what we at Synergy believe in. The participants did role play for different scenarios and gave mock presentations. 

Here are some snaps for you to have a glimpse

An informative and practical session on Telephone Etiquette which enabled participants to learn the key factors to keep in mind while receiving or sending messages over phone.

Just A Minute activity that helped individuals to implement the techniques that they learnt under the topic Presentation Skill. Such activity helps them in correcting both their verbal and non-verbal communication. The participants came out of stage…

P6 Framework as an effective Social Media Strategy

This is a generation in which Social Media has become an integral part of everyone's life.  We access the various social networking sites to get connected with our dear and near ones, to send them birthday wishes, to post our thoughts and express them to our chosen audience, share our pictures with them and so on. 
But, have you ever seen the other side of the coin?
Huge business is taking place everyday through social media and that's what we call as Social Media Marketing.
Don't you see frequent ads in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts? Sometimes they are closely related to the searches we do in Google, aren't they? Though there are list of things that one must be aware of while diving into Social Media Marketing, here is one great strategy which will be of definite use. It's called the P6 Framework.
P - Prioritize
Considering the goals of Social media marketing, the right audience have to be given priority. Suppose if the product has to do something wit…

Employability Skills - an important factor for workplace success

Do you think you have the required skill sets to ace any job interview and climb the ladder of success at the professional front? These days attending an interview and stepping out from that company with an OFFER LETTER isn't that easy. The interview panel sits with a huge prerequisites which very few individuals fulfill. Yes, believe it or not GETTING JOB TODAY requires strenuous efforts.
No matter what industry you want to put your foot forward, these are some common skills you must develop or improve.

1) Assertive communication It's your ability to show your emotions transparently despite the circumstance. It does not mean that you can yell at people when you are really angry. Most of us get stressed because we don't react at the right time. So convey your thoughts and feelings by gently choosing your words that doesn't hurt the other person.

2) Presentation Skills Presentation skills are required in almost every field. A college goer might be required to give frequen…